Italy - Rome, Florence, Lucca, Pisa

Today Kelly's Korner is hosting a Show Us Your Life: Vacations link-up.  Upon seeing this, I got a bit bummed that I haven't taken a vacation in awhile and won't be doing so for at least a few months.  Then I realized I never posted any photos from our trip to Italy exactly one year ago! 

We didn't take as many photos as we wanted to.  We always just get so busy having fun and seeing the sights and forget to take the camera out.  These pictures do jog my memory and make me smile, though!  I can't remember the names of all the places and things, but I'm sure David does.  This is just a hodge-podge of some of my favorite photos. 

A parade happened upon us while shopping for leather in Florence.

World's oldest sandwich shop.  Well worth the wait in line that stretched down the street.

I had their famous tuna with capers.

He didn't like his as much...totally fake smile.

About halfway up 400-something stairs.

We made it to the top!

We searched for this famous tiny pasta cafe for two hours.  Definitely worth it!!  I went for the pasta with butter and Parmesan so I could taste the heavenly pasta.

Every time I wore this outfit, I got stopped multiple times and asked for directions.  Maybe it makes me look Italian?

We randomly happened upon this Keith Haring wall in Pisa while in search of some afternoon vino.  Totally nice surprise!

An apartment window overlooking a little piazza where we had wine, gelato and cappuccino.

After this fun day in Lucca, we bought a tandem bike when we got home!

We stayed in Puccini's birth home in Lucca.

Afternoon picnic.

Puccini's birth home window.  We have this edited and framed in black and white, it's a pretty cool photo.

A mouth full of famous fig tart in Lucca that I just had to have after reading about it.

Just a little shopping!

Texas steaks have nothing on this one!  Can you believe David ate the entire thing?

A Bellini every afternoon is a necessity!

A day of touring.

We usually bought fresh fruit and cheese from little farmer markets for breakfast.

Even at the un-fanciest places, dinners were so divine!

Wouldn't you love to dine like this every night?

Sorry mom!  But you know how I do appreciate a piece of fine art!