The Bump, Week 36

Ugh.  Miserable.  All of the uncomfortableness that I've always heard comes along with pregnancy hit this week.  There is no comfortable position for standing, sitting, lying...even hot baths aren't any help! 

It also doesn't help that I don't look like myself at all, which also just hit.  People stop me to tell me that I am all belly, look like I'm only five months, blah blah blah...I think they get an evil stare from me.  When I look down I see some belly, really chubby legs and slightly swollen feet.  My skin is dry but keeps getting break-out type bumps around my nose and chin, which I never even had pre-pregnancy.  The glow is gone!

I've always gotten annoyed at pregnant women who do nothing but complain, so I really try not to...which explains the rant above.  I just want to document how miserable I feel so that I can look back on this later and remind myself that it wasn't all roses!

The good news is that at last week's appointment, I was making no progress at all toward labor, other than being pregnant.  This week I was 90% effaced and the baby has dropped really low!  The doctor said I may dilate pretty quickly, so I can't wait until next week to find out if I've made any progress.  I did read in some of my pregnancy books that constant backache and PMS like cramps signal the first stage of labor and I've definitely felt both of those nonstop this week!