What's on my bookshelf?

I ordered a few books from Amazon that I hope to read over the next few months.  Some of them are related to baby development and others are just fun reads.  As I've found out over the past few months, it is so easy to get sucked into reading nothing but baby books.  I'm trying to make sure I add in some non-baby-related stuff here and there, too.

My friend Gali let me borrow True Prep.  I've read through parts of it here and there and so far it's quite hilarious! It's an update of the Official Preppy Handbook that was published in 1980.  I bet there are some people who read it and take it very seriously and personally, which makes it even more funny.

I read through the first bit of Superbaby in Barnes and Noble and really liked how it was written.  Not too scientific, and it gives fun activities to do with your baby and toddler to help with developing different areas, such as social and language skills.  It's written by a psychiatrist with two small children of her own, and I like her easy writing style. 

I feel like Madness Under the Royal Palms has been on my to do list forever! It is supposedly a non-fiction written in short novel form about the socialites in Palm Beach.  Just what I need to occupy myself by the pool this summer!

Baby Play by Gymboree contains more games and developmental activities to play during baby's first year.  Can you tell I'm a little paranoid about not knowing what type of activities to do with her?  I want to do lots of fun and learning activities and am vowing that television will be a treat rather than a daily activity.

I've read a lot of mixed reviews on Betnenny's Naturally Thin, but I'm the type of person who buys pretty much any "how to get skinny and stay that way" book if it's written by someone whose body type I can identify with.  Anyhow, hopefully Bethenny can motivate me to get back into swimsuit shape before the end of the summer.

What's on your reading list for the summer?