Turbo Tax

I’m thinking most of my readers aren’t huge procrastinators like myself, and you have most likely already filed your taxes well before the April 15 deadline. In case you haven’t, and you have been living under a rock, I wanted to suggest Turbo Tax to you.

I’m a CPA and could do our own taxes “by hand”, but I love how easy it is to use Turbo Tax. It stores your information from previous years, links up to a It’s Deductible (also a fantastic site that I suggest) so that you don’t have to enter all of your charitable donations at once, and files your taxes for you electronically. It’s pretty dummy proof too, as I was using it long before I actually knew anything about tax law. It asks questions and instructs you to enter data from your forms in such an easy manner that the time really just flies by and your taxes are done before you know it. I did ours in just a couple of hours, and that includes the time it took me to find all of our paperwork and get it together.

If you have a brokerage account, IRA, 401k, etc. with Vanguard, you get a discount on Turbo Tax. Just use the links on the Vanguard page after logging in to the Investor Site.

If you do happen to be a procrastinator, don't worry...you can file a tax return extension via Turbo Tax, too!  It is free and gets you six more months to get it together and get your taxes filed.