Spring Cleaning Review: Glade Candle

This was the first product I tried from my BzzAgent spring cleaning kit. The candle actually smelled great, kind of a gingery-lime. It sat in the living room for a few days and I could smell it every time I walked into the room. I typically use higher end candles (most recently Trapp - heavenly!) but since the Glade smelled so great just sitting out, I was confident that it would deliver some serious scent when burning.

Unfortunately, I was pretty let down. It seemed to lose all scent when burning! I could actually smell it more before I lit it. I even asked my friends if they could smell it or if I just had it burning for nothing. Nobody could tell a difference. Kind of disappointing, but since they're pretty inexpensive (sometimes free at CVS with coupons) they might be worth just having out in the bathroom to scent a small area.

Fortunately, the first "task" in my spring cleaning challenge was no sweat off my back. I'm not particularly looking forward to the toilet cleaning!