Slight Change in Plans

As of earlier this week, I officially have my dream job...I am a stay at home wife.  Granted, my version doesn't allow for a personal trainer, chef, daily housekeeper and stylist, but I no longer have to go to the office or log in from home!

Last week my doctor put me on "work from home" status.  My boss talked to HR and they prefer for me to use medical leave until my due date.  Fine with me!  I get 100% of my salary and the next 5-6 weeks of leisure do not cut into my parental leave.  So I'll still be able to stay at home, fully paid, until at least October 1.

I did let my boss know that if anything came up that couldn't be handled without me, it was ok for my co-workers to email my personal email.  Dumb mistake, as these were the two questions I got yesterday; I also included my answers to give you an idea of just how urgent and mind-bending these issues are.  Honestly, I would feel like a big turd if I emailed someone while they are on medical leave with questions like these.
  • Why did you mark this contract as expired? "In the column of the spreadsheet titled expiry date, it says something like Januaary or February 2011.  Since it's April, I think this is expired and marked it as such."
  • Please send me the details for this vendor.  Their order number is 12345.  Also, where are their previous invoices for references?  "Just like any other vendor, you can go into the system, enter the order number and see all the details available.  All invoices are also stored in the system, just like all our other vendors."
I'm hoping my responses were just bitchy enough so that I don't get any more emails.

I am really just trying to enjoy my time off, since I will never have this again, while getting the house in order and doing things I won't be able to do with an infant.  I'm all caught up on laundry, we never have a sink full of dishes, and I am comfortable that the house is clean enough for unannounced visitors.  The nursery is 99% done (just need to hang a couple of frames).  I've ran a ton of errands that have been put off, like closing an old bank account, depositing a stack of checks that I've had for a month, and returning a bag of stuff that I've been meaning to take back for a month.

I had lunch with Jess at Tiny Boxwoods, lunch with Brittney at the Tea Room, and next week I'm having lunch with Lynn and Blaire at another adult-friendly restaurant.  I'm also going to a Royal Wedding watch party at Amanda's and getting some pool time in as well.  Super fun!

Are any of my blog readers stay at home wives? If you had the chance to just be at home with no childcare responsibilites, what type of stuff would you fill your day with?