Organized Bathroom Closet


Our house was built  prior to 1920, which basically means it's adorable and charming but incredibly small.  I am lucky in that a former "trunk room" was converted to a walk in closet for me, but we only have one bathroom which just has a small closet. 
Until recently the closet was always a mess, with all of the usual stuff just crammed onto the shelves.  I knew where my daily essentials such as makeup and hairbrush were, but we were really out of luck if one of us needed Pepto Bismol or cold medicine.  We'd usually just drive to the pharmacy and pick up more.
My nesting instinct kicked in a little and I decided to organize the closet last weekend.  First stop was Target for the little three-drawer plastic chest and some plastic shoeboxes (I didn't keep the lids).  I took every single item out of the closet, vacuumed it and scrubbed all the shelves before starting to organize.
There are two or three top shelves that aren't in the photograph; the shelves go all the way to the 12-foot ceiling.  We keep things like paint remover and fix-it tools up there.  Things I don't really need to reach.
The first shelf photographed has a bin for travel size necessities.  When we stay at nice hotels, I steal the shampoo, body wash and lotion.  I have quite a bit of Bliss and Aveda stashed away.  Also some Bumble & Bumble thanks to my lovely stylist.  Of course I also just keep all of the samples I get when ordering from Sephora or, too.  I didn't realize we had so much, but I'm going to stop buying these products and just use this stash for awhile.
We do have more towels, but the majority of them were in the wash when I took this photo!  Restoration Hardware, monogrammed.
The medicine chest has one drawer for stomach related medicines, one for cold and cough, and another for thing such as Neosporin and Band-Aids.  We had a ton of all types of medicines due to our aforementioned lack of organization.  Now at least we'll be able to take stock of what we need before we rush off to CVS.  There's a giant bottle of Tums and a few bags of cough drops on top of the chest, since they wouldn't fit in the drawers.
The first plastic shoe bin is full of manicure stuff: nail files, toe separators, polish remover.  The second is just miscellaneous beauty products like face masques, seldom used creams and Latisse.  The basket has all of my hair products, clips and brushes.  I just take it out of the closet when I'm getting ready every morning and then toss it back in when I'm finished. 
The bottom shelf has a bin with all of our other health-related items like rubbing alcohol, peroxide, Q-tips, contact solution, and extra containers of dental floss and toothpaste.  My Sephora train case full of makeup, our contacts (and some shine treatment for my hair) are also on this shelf.
I didn't photograph the floor - it just has a canvas hamper on wheels that I just scoot over to the washer for laundry day, extra toilet paper, and another bin full of sunscreens and tanning lotions.  There's also a basket with miscellaneous cleaning items such as wipes, Scrubbing Bubbles and Windex.
Organizing and just knowing where things are has already cut back on trips to Target or CVS, and it's only been a week!  Do you keep your bathroom closet totally organized?  Any other useful tips for me?