How Exciting!

I mentioned a once a month cooking/recipe website, Once A Month Mom, awhile back (link here) and mentioned that they now feature a monthly healthy menu.  Earlier this week I clicked on over to check out this month's menu and recipes to see if there was anything I wanted to try.  How surprised was I to see that they featured my Cilantro Salmon Burgers and Almost Mediterranean Jambalaya as two of April's recipes?!? 
The full Once A Month Mom plan is here

Unfortunately, with my morning sickness I have barely cooked at all in the past nine months, and when I do it's very spur of the moment.  I mean, at this point, I am even counting throwing together sandwiches as cooking.  David has been living off Campbell's soup while I eat popsicles and orange juice. I plan to try to devote some of my time during maternity leave to cooking up some healthy freezer meals so we will just be able to grab and cook up something very quickly for dinner. I'm definitely going to start with some of the Once A Month Mom menus.