Free Online Budgeting Tool

I first read about's free budget software in Money magazine a year or so ago.  After checking out their website I signed up for it, but never really used it until we decided to start tracking our spending a bit more closely.  I was a long time user of Microsoft Money, so a new system took a little getting used to, although Mint works very similarly. 

Mint tracks all of our accounts, including savings, checking, investing, credit cards, mortgage, and any other financial accounts we sign up by pulling information directly from the banks' websites.  You can run lots of useful reports to see where your  money is going, and the iPhone app and texts will alert you when you are close to going over budget in certain categories, if you choose.  The only report I haven't been able to find or make is a cash flow forecast, which would be helpful for us, since we pay certain bills like insurance and property taxes only once or twice per year.

One thing I really like about Mint is that I can log on from any computer to check all of our accounts from one website.  David was really skeptical about having all of our information in one spot at first, but after I showed him that Mint has been recommended in Money, Kiplingers, Wall Street Journal, and New York Times, he was ok with it.

Do you use mint?  What kind of budgeting tools do you use?