The Bump, Week 34

I got the shock of my life at my doctor appointment this week.  I had been looking forward to this visit for a couple of weeks.  In the beginning of my pregnancy, I got an ultrasound every single week.  Once I was eighteen weeks along and it was determined that everything was healthy, I started bi-weekly or monthly visits and no more ultrasounds.  I knew we were doing a high level ultrasound this week to take the baby's measurements.  I was super excited to find out how big she's getting.

Super excited and a little nervous.  I haven't gained any weight last week, and by my doctor's scales, I have only gained one pound in six weeks.  Not exactly healthy (and we can't figure out why, because I do eat), but the doctor isn't worried since the baby is growing consistently.

All of my books say the baby weighs around 4.5 to 5 pounds this week, I was thinking Baby Munn would be around 4 to 4.5.  After my ultrasound, David and I went to the exam room to wait for the doctor.  When the nurse came in I asked how big the baby measured.  She looked at me with a sheepish expression and said, "Six and a half pounds." 

"Oh!" I said excitedly, "She's going to weigh six and a half when she's born!  That's great!"

"No. That's what she weighs now."

I said, "Holy shit," and immediately started crying.  I have no idea why I started crying.  Oh wait, yes I do!  Because this baby needs to gain about half a pound a week.  With six weeks to go that puts me at delivering a nine or ten pound baby!

The doctor came in around that time and was fortunately able to talk some sense into me.  The great news is that Baby Munn is just as healthy as can be.  She is already burrowed down into my cervix in a good position, so unless she gets too big the doctor is hopeful I won't have to have a c-section. 

The not so fantastic news is that I may have to be induced a couple of weeks early to avoid a ten pound baby.  My preference is to go into labor naturally, but my ultimate goal is a healthy baby and momma, and I trust my doctor 100%.  He doesn't opt to do c-sections or inductions unless medically necessary; I made sure of that before deciding on him as a doctor.

Other pretty good news is that I am now working from home!  I have to admit, I'm probably not getting as much work done as I should, but I was distracted in the office anyway, so it's not like I was accomplishing too much there anyway.  And one of the reasons  my doctor put me on this restriction is to relieve some stress, both physically and mentally, so that I can hopefully feel better and gain more weight.  It's definitely less stressful.  When I get an email I don't feel like dealing with, I just watch a bit of TV before responding...viola, stress is relieved!

The best news?  Baby Girl already has a head full of hair!  I can't wait to meet her!

I think the baby likes being home all day.  She wiggles, kicks and punches more than ever.  This weekend I had a couple of horribly painful contractions, which made me happier than ever that someone invented an epidural.