The Bump, Week 33

This was a great week. I got my appetite back, inhaled every Bagel Bite within a five mile radius, and gained a pound, so now I am up 17 pounds.

Now I can definitely tell there’s a baby in there. I didn’t notice until this week, but up until now she has kind of felt like a moving blob that occasionally kicks me. Now I feel little kicks, punches, tons of wiggles and actual arms and legs! At any given time, if I feel my belly, I can tell where her back and limbs are. When I touch her she will sometimes play back and keep punching my hand. She still gets the hiccups so many times every day. It’s usually right after I drink something cold.

Saturday morning I woke up and, before I moved an inch, yanked the heavy covers off.  She turned her head!  I felt and saw it move!  She was probably turning away from the sudden light.  What a smart little girl already!

I’ve been extremely lucky until this point with not waking up constantly to use the restroom. That all stopped this week. I feel like I am up every two to three hours! And it’s so uncomfortable to get out of bed. I have to roll over and climb out of bed like a big bear or something! And my stomach is just so heavy. The back pain has started and I feel like I just can’t stretch my muscles enough. I sit with a heating pad on my back at work and when I get home I just can’t wait to relax on the couch with a book or TV show. My ribs are just permanently sore now.

This week at work, a male coworker-friend told me I look like I’m about to pop and told me to wear a pastel shirt so I would look like an Easter egg. He may have been serious, he has a wife and two small children, so I’m sure he knows all of the things pregnant women hate to hear! I didn’t have a snippy response for him so I just told him that maybe my belly button will pop out before Easter and we can decorate it like a bunny hanging out of the egg. Gross!!!

David and I went to our first baby prep class and, while the class was pretty boring, we really got a kick out of the nerd sitting beside me! This week’s topic was labor and delivery, so it was three long hours of the instructor talking alternated with a video. Within the first five minutes, the instructor told us we would retain 5% of the material if we were lucky, but don’t worry about it because everything we are going to hear is in the booklet she gave us. Most of the stuff was pretty basic anyway, nothing I hadn’t heard before or read in one of the million pregnancy books out there. This guy beside me immediately takes out his MacBook and starts recording the instructor. He recorded the entire three hour class. As if that were not funny enough, he typed short notes to himself. At one point, when he wrote “potting when losing mucus plug” I was laughing so much I had to leave the room. Seriously? You need to write that down? And “potting”!!!

David is just ready to get everything 100% ready to go. I am refusing to pack my hospital bag until I am 36 weeks along. I bet he packs it for me before then!  Is there anything I should be sure to pack in my bag that's not included in the typical lists?
Jeans are Rock & Republic under-belly maternity, top is Milly non-maternity.