The Bump, Week 32

Not much change in me, still at a 16 pound weight gain and still look about the same. Still getting sick at all hours of the day!
Baby Girl makes me laugh. She stays so busy for two days in a row, then has a day of total sleep. Then she’s back at it again! I wonder what she does to stay so occupied?

The nursery is almost finished. The drapes arrived, I have a ton of décor and accessories to choose from, and all of the furniture is in the room. I’m so excited and it looks so great, but I want to wait until it’s totally ready before I share photos of it.

I spent all weekend washing tiny little clothes, burp cloths and blankets. I didn’t realize how many things I’d accumulated until I had to wash it all and put it away. I’m finished shopping for now, or at least for a couple of weeks. I did notice that she has tons of outfits and more than enough onesies but not very many sleepers and gowns. Mommas, how many “sleep clothes” does she need? I think I have two or three newborn sized sleepers and five zero to three months. This is only a weeks’ worth…if she doesn’t spit up or poop on them! I think she will probably sleep in onesies some, though, since it will be summertime by the time she gets here.

This week was a little crazy for me. I just felt incredibly sick all the time. I was barely able to eat. Not because I didn’t have room or because of heartburn; even if food looked good and I wanted it, as soon as I put it in my mouth I had to immediately get rid of it. I was so bummed at my friend Ashley Beth’s baby shower. They had all of these fabulous brunch foods but I could barely choke down any of it!

At my appointment this week, I must have looked incredibly sick and tired because Dr. G asked if I was feeling much worse than usual. He ended up doing some additional tests (mainly for HELLP syndrome) because sudden sickness like this starting in the third trimester could mean that my liver and kidneys aren’t functioning like they should. And I had a lot of the other associated symptoms…pretty much everything besides swelling and high blood pressure. Fortunately the tests all came back fine and I’m just destined to ride out the next eight weeks or so feeling like a trainwreck!

I haven’t been gaining as much weight as I should, but the doctor isn’t worried about little Jellybean at all. When he did my measurements he laughed and said that I look really small, but it’s deceiving because I’m measuring big. My uterus is officially up under my sternum now. He said that he didn’t even want to ask if I was uncomfortable yet. Oh yes, I am!