The Bump, Week 31

Total weight gain is surprisingly only 16 pounds. I was sure I gained a couple over the last week. Until very recently I was gaining 1-2 pounds a week.

Dress is David Meister (non-maternity) and it's definitely the last week that I'll be wearing any little black dresses! By the time dinner was over, this was a bit too snug!

Last week David and I both got raises! Can you believe it? What a blessing! I also got a little bump up in my title, which was nice. They said that had really noticed the hard work I've been putting in. Not really sure how they noticed anything, since I feel like I've been slacking big time for the past month or so! I did handle all of our half year deliverables when my boss was out on paternity leave; I think they noticed that I did that while throwing up every few hours and figured I needed some sort of reward.

Anyhow, we went out to one of our favorite restaurants to celebrate our raises. I'm sure it's the last fancy dinner we will have for awhile and the last one over $100 since we are officially supposed to be following our baby budget. It was so nice even though I couldn't really eat like I usually do. There's just no room in my stomach! So I had no appetizer or salad, and only one lobster tail instead of two. David and I shared the heavenly creamed spinach and Parmesan peppercorn mashed potatoes. Sadly, I didn't get to finish off the sides like I normally would. I got a little box of truffles (yum!!!) from the maitre d' just for being pregnant. I really do love this!

Little Princess has been kicking, wiggling and moving up a storm this week! It's crazy! It is extremely fun to pass time in work meetings by watching my belly just shift around all by itself. I can't wait until my appointment this week to find out exactly how she is arranged in there so I can figure out if it's an arm or a leg moving, or if she is kicking or punching me.

We've also made the totally dorky move of playing music for her. I read that now she can recognize simple songs so I tried to sing Twinkle Twinkle but couldn't remember all of the words. About every night or so we sit with the headphones on my stomach and play a song or two for her.

She gets the hiccups two or three times a day, usually after I've eaten a meal. I feel bad for her! Hopefully babies in utero aren't as annoyed by them as we are when we get them out here in the real world.

I also noticed that although my skin is glowing and my hair is fabulous...I look so darn tired! Even if I don't feel particularly exhausted, I look it. It makes me sad that this is most likely how I will look the rest of my life.

I love this baby so much that sometimes it makes me cry! I knew I would love her, but I didn't know I would love her this much before she is even here.