Momma's Been Shopping

I can only go two or three weeks until the urge to buy tiny little things strikes again. Only two months and one week until I get to dress her up in them!

This little Noah's Ark dress is just absolutely adorable. I can't wait for her to wear it to Sunday School. (Vive le Fete)

I couldn't pass up this dress, since its smocked with Westie puppies. It's a bigger size, I wonder if she will be able to say "Oliver and Idgie" when she wears it? Surely she will recognize her puppies on it! (Carriage Boutique)

I have heard so many things about these Hanna Andersson zipper sleepers, so I had to get one to see for myself. It's not footed, which I don't love, but maybe I'll her socks will stay on while she sleeps.

Magnolia Baby is one of my favorite baby clothes designers, and I couldn't pass up this precious onesie. One of my girlfriends has already bought some little Trumpette Mary Jane booties with a bow on them, they will be so cute with this!

I saw this little Haute Baby outfit about a month ago and resisted. I went back and got it yesterday because I was still thinking about it. The little bloomer pants will be precious for our summer that lasts until September.

This little Mad Sky kimono top has matching leggings/pants, I just didn't photograph them. It feels so soft and comfy, and I've heard that this style top is great for newborns until the umbilical cord falls off.

The last two outfits were photographed on our new dining table. It looks black in these pictures! We've decided not to get a rug for the dining room; it's actually been quite impossible to track one down due to the size of the table vs. the size and shape of the room. We did buy a new rug for the living room this weekend and all of the drapes will be installed this week, in time for my mom's visit! I'm so excited! Especially since the next time she visits there will be something much more fun to ooh and aah about than drapes. I'll be sure to post photos next weekend. Now, we just need to get a couple of things framed and buy some new accessories and the living and dining room will be mostly finished. We're still on the lookout for a vintage chair to recover, but I don't mind waiting until we find the perfect one.  Next up...nursery!