The Bump, Week 30

I am in the home stretch and feeling great! Up 15 1/2 pounds and still sporting stilettos whenever I can!

Dress is from Ann Taylor Loft (is it still called that?). Fortunately I was just able to buy a size larger than my usual, I plan on having it taken in after baby so I can keep wearing it.

My first Houston baby shower was last weekend and it was just great! A lunch with the girls topped off with cupcakes from Crave and tons of fantastic gifts.

My mom took the above photo right after the shower. I was so extremely blessed that most of my aunts traveled here for the shower. I really enjoyed all of the time I got to spend with my mom, sister and family. I was extremely sad to see them go. I didn't think it would be this difficult, preparing for a baby without my mom, but having her here for the weekend made me realize how much I miss having her close and how much I am sure to miss her in the future. I am saving up my Continental miles like crazy so that we'll be able to make frequent trips back and forth. If you have any tips for "earning" more, please let me know!

Now we absolutely have all of the baby gear we will ever need with the exception of a carseat adaptor for our stroller, although a family member sent money for us to buy it. Sweet baby girl has so many monogrammed onesies, towels, washcloths and bibs that she is sure to know at least three letters of the alphabet before she is six weeks old!

One of the most fun things over the weekend was a fun trip to Babies R Us to pick up a crib mattress with my mom and mother-in-law. We took David's car and the mattress plus a backseat passenger didn't very well fit into the Honda. We made it work, but it was hilarious. My poor mother-in-law is already terrified of my Houston driving habits, I'm sure she's not very confident that I'll be careful with a little bundle of joy strapped into the backseat after having to ride a few miles covered by a baby mattress.

The nursery is coming along. My amazing aunt/doula/birth assistant/post-labor nurse/in home baby nurse came over and painted for us. The crib bedding is in the crib and tons of decor has been purchased. I can't wait to show all the photos once we are finally 100% finished!

Pregnancy is still wonderful, although I still have morning sickness! At this point, though, I'm just used to it. I'm getting more and more uncomfortable, but I really can't complain. I was having what I thought was heartburn pretty much 24 hours a day. Oh yeah, I'm not allowed to take Tums because I am very anemic and they will interfere with my iron prescription. Anyway, I mentioned the heartburn to someone who suggested putting an ice pack on it to see if it really was heartburn. Pfft. Well, whadda know, they were right! My "heartburn" moved to the other side of my ribcage and then started tapping her feet on my ribs. Now it's pretty much a daily contest to see which one of us wins...will she put up with the ice or move to another position? She's also moving more and more, and it is so fun for me to feel her all safe and sound in there!

I'm serious about the Continental miles. Aside from using our credit card, any other tips?