Birmingham Baby Shower

Our couples cocktail party in Birmingham was almost a month ago, and I feel so bad that I'm just now getting around to posting about it! The Lukers, Nelsons and Taylors threw a fantastic party for us! I can't imagine that many guys would have fun at a baby shower, so I expected them to just stop by to say hello, grab a drink and jet off to something more fun. I was surprised that everyone stayed past midnight and seemed to have a great time - even the single guys.

The food and decor was simply amazing, the girls did a great job. They locked me in the guest room the entire afternoon, so everything was a complete surprise for me. I loved it!  Since I have so many photos, I will post the food, recipes and related photos on another day.  This post will be devoted to photos of our fabulous friends.

I was, and still am, completely overwhelmed by the generosity of our friends. We see some of them a few times a year, others only at events like weddings or college homecoming. There were some that I've never even met. It was great to catch up with everyone, and a little bittersweet since this was the last time we will see most of them without little Munn in tow.

I am so completely grateful for the gifts we received. I came home that weekend feeling that we were really prepared to bring home a baby. We got all of the necessities like a car seat, bath tub, bouncer, diaper pail, Boppy...all of the things you use right away. Not to mention some sweet little outfits, newborn toys, fancy burp cloths and other frou-frou things that I love.

Hanging out waiting for my party!

Jude buzzing around helping out.

One of the best surprises was that the decor consisted of baby pictures of David and me!

Entry table with Baby's monogram, little shoes and "advice for the parents" guestbook.

Some of the guys.

Some of the girls.

The most hilarious present ever! And even funnier since a single guy got it for us.

I guess I'll have to change a diaper or two at some point. Good thing we got a Diaper Genie!

Even our friends who couldn't make it sent sweet little gifts.

I think our male friends have the best taste. An unmarried friend got us this smocked romper and matching blanket from Janie & Jack.