The Bump, Week 26

Baby is now one inch taller than a Barbie doll...and even prettier than Barbie, I'm sure! I'm definitely looking pregnant every day now. Although I still fit into non-maternity clothes, they tend to make me just look chubby, while maternity blouses really accentuate my belly. It's pretty looks like a basketball under there! I'm shocked at how much it grew in just one week.

I'm still getting morning sickness a few days a week, and this week I started waking up at all hours of the night vomiting due to acid reflux. My friend Molly, a nurse, suggested not drinking anything (even water) before bed and skipping acidic foods like tomatoes and citrus. I haven't totally given up tomato sauce and oranges, but I try to eat them for lunch rather than dinner now. Those tips + a daily dose of Prevacid seem to be helping.

Online mommas - I'm looking for a site or etsy/ebay seller where I can buy fancy burp cloths. I want to get some with Baby Girl's name on them and maybe a monogram in zebra, leopard or giraffe. I have exactly in my mind what I want, I just haven't been able to find it! Comment or email me if you know of anywhere I could look.