We Have a Crib!

We went crib shopping a couple of weeks ago and it was definitely not as fun as I'd envisioned! It seems the trends in nurseries these days are cribs that convert to toddler beds; cribs with backs higher than the front (I guess to convert into headboards and footboards later); and wide, flat rails. Most of them looked like this, but definitely not what I was looking for, this one actually has some traditional detailing.

My style is definitely more traditional. I want a nursery to look like a baby room. I don't care for the bed to convert to a toddler bed as I'm sure I will either be using it for Baby #2 or will be sick of it all together in two years.

The only bed that David and I both loved (and actually the only one he liked at all) was the Ma Marie by Stanley. It looks somewhat plain in this photo, but it's gorgeous! I love the traditional lines. It will look great with some frilly pink bedding!

We plan on using a chest of drawers (are they still called that?) from my childhood bedroom. In looking at the Ma Marie catalogue from the nursery store, my furniture has the exact same lines and some of the same detailing as their current dressers and nightstands. I'm going to check out my furniture when we get it from the attic and start refinishing it, but I'll be shocked if it isn't made by Stanley.

We got the crib in antique white and it's absolutely gorgeous! I cannot wait to start shopping for bedding fabric and nursery decor.

We're having custom bedding made, and I'll be sure to post updates on it once I meet with our decorator and choose fabrics. I really think I'd like something like a pink version of the bedding below. I love white and pink mixed with grey, probably florals with some pink seersucker or pinstripes mixed in. Do you have any favorite websites for nursery bedding inspiration?