Resolutions for a Tidy Home

Every year it never fails, I resolve to stick to some sort of chore schedule to ensure my home is always immaculate. And every year it never fails, about two weeks into January, I get frustrated and fall back into the old habit of letting laundry and clutter pile up until our housekeeper comes. Which really means that my house is only clean and picked up on Friday. We let the dishes, laundry and clutter pile back up over the weekend only to repeat the process at the end of the week.

Since a baby will no doubt lead to more clutter and less time to pick it  up, and since I'll be home with Baby Girl on maternity leave for at least four months, I am really trying to find some sort of system that works for my lifestyle and personality. I really can't do the "set a timer for 20 minutes a day" or I will just spend 20 minutes sorting laundry and do nothing else for the day. Currently, I do not clean, I only do laundry and keep things picked up and let the housekeeper handle the rest. I have a feeling she would tackle some of the big projects that I find daunting if I spent a little more time doing day-to-day chores during the week.

I have looked around the web and found several options that I'm going to try.
  • First, Martha Stewart's cleaning schedule (which I posted about here). I used to follow this pretty well and it works. I never had to worry about unexpected company. But when I'm working so much (and I'm sure it will be even busier with a baby) I feel like I need a simpler list, especially since we have a housekeeper.
  • I found this weekly chore schedule on Home Ec 101that I really like. There's no way that I can do all our laundry in just one week. It may get washed, but I know myself well enough to know that I will never get it all folded and put away in one day!
  • Another I really like is this home organization plan on Just Mommies, and I really think I will give it a fair shot when I'm home full time. It breaks things down for me enough so that I don't get overwhelmed. It tackles some of the big chores each month.
  • There's also the ubiquitous Fly Lady. I have to be honest...I really don't see how this works. It's email based. I signed up for it once and was getting so many emails from her every day that I used up my 20 minutes of decluttering just cleaning out my inbox! If any of my readers have used it and have any tips, I'd love to hear them.
Tell me moms, how do you keep your home organized and clean while devoting time to your family, work and your own personal interests? Some people really can do it all; as much as I'd love to, I'm just not sure there are enough hours in the day!