Project Redecorate the House

We made quite a bit of progress this weekend! We had originally planned on hiring painters but later decided to try to do it ourselves to save room in the budget - the recommended painters were a couple hundred bucks per room. There aren't any complicated areas, we just work late on weeknights and travel on weekends and didn't think we'd have the time to devote to it.

I didn't expect to get much done this weekend, but I started taping on Friday night, did a bit on Saturday and finished up on Sunday...really, I spent just a couple of hours doing both the living room and dining room. David started painting the dining room Sunday after church and I'm loving it so far! Of course we'll need to do a couple more coats, but it's a pretty dramatic change from the creamy taupe we've had for the past three years.

Our current dining room table is small (more like a breakfast table) but it works for us. I love it, it was the first "big purchase" I made for my first apartment after college, all the rest of my furniture was hand-me-down from family members. I'm in no hurry to get rid of it, so we decided to wait until the end of Project Redecorate to buy a new one.

We've been casually shopping for a dining set since Christmas and haven't been able to find anything we love. We both had something very specific in mind, and any table we found didn't meet all of the criteria. After buying our crib yesterday, we stopped in at another furniture store to shop around. We found the perfect table, pretty much exactly what we've been looking for! It was on sale, but still a little more than I had budgeted. We decided to come home and think about it. David loved it and I could tell he was bummed that I didn't give in.

I woke up in the middle of the night with an absurd thought...I have a purse that cost more than the dining table on sale. It struck me as extremely silly, and I guess it is...why would I buy my purse again in a heartbeat but balk at the thought of paying that much for a dining table? I got up and researched the table online to make sure the furniture store was offering us the best price, and they were.

I called after church to see how long the sale was lasting, and it ends today. I left David with the paint rollers and buzzed out the door to buy it. We are both super happy with the table and can't wait until it's delivered Friday. I know it's the style of table that we'll keep in our house for quite some time. My little breakfast table is going to be moved to the attic and saved for our next house. We plan on using in a breakfast room or casual dining room...the kids and Play-Doh and color to their hearts' content on it!

I am really trying my hardest to stick to our discussed budget on both Project Redecorate, even though the table was a little bit more than we had planned on maybe I'll be able to cut out a couple hundred dollars somewhere else. We definitely saved that much on doing the painting ourselves!

I also must note that I always, always, always go over sticking to one is really new to me. We are trying to cut back on monthly expenses in preparation for the baby's arrival. I thought I was doing pretty well on my weekly "personal allowance" since I'm not really buying any clothes or going out for drinks...but I just downloaded our transactions against our budget in Microsoft Money and saw that my salon appointment put me over for the week. Oops! I am doing a great job at keeping us on track for our dining category though, I insisted we have lunch at Chick-Fil-A ($13) rather than a sit down restaurant ($30+) during our crib and furniture excursion yesterday. Yay for that!

Right now, and probably through next weekend until all the painting is done, our living room looks like the photo below. Not "looks like" it...this is an actual picture of our living room. Ugh! I can't wait to get it back in order, choose fabrics for drapes, and find a reading chair & new rugs!