Cook Just Once a Month? Sign Me UP!

I absolutely love cooking for David. I love finding and trying new recipes and tweaking them to make them my own. I love having a delicious and nutritious homecooked meal for him after a long, hard day at work. Unfortunately, my days are also long and hard and arriving home at 7 p.m. or later doesn't leave much time for cooking. And lately, with around-the-clock morning sickness, we've been ordering out or cooking a Di'Giorno for every single dinner. Lately as in the past five months!

My friend Marianne introduced me to Dream Dinners, which is an establishment that does all the prep work for menus that you pre-order. Customers simply come in and throw the meals together. It worked pretty well for us, but I found myself getting bored with the menus as they tend to include lots of breaded, baked chicken with a different sauce and variations of different BBQ pork chops (sweet one month, asian-infused the next, mustard BBQ the following, then back to sweet).

After poking around a bit online I ran across Once A Month Mom, which is essentially the same thing. You just do all the prep work yourself at home. Prep work and preparing the meals for the freezer can take a full day. Although I do not aspire to cook a full month's worth meals in one day, I would like to try to prep everything for the week ahead of time. I'd also love to start cooking extras of things that freeze well to free up some time once Baby Girl arrives.

The website has lists such as grocery list, detailed instructions, recipe and label printouts for your freezer foods. It even tells you how many Ziploc bags you need for each recipe! I'm even more excited that now they'll be featuring a monthly healthy menu (click here to see January's) that includes nutritional information and Weight Watcher points. I'm definitely bookmarking the site to search for some freezer-friendly recipes to start stocking my freezer before my due date!