The Bump, Weeks 16-19

Week 16

This was the first time I noticed that I looked pregnant! Really pregnant! I had just finished modeling for a furrier and stopped by Ann Taylor Loft to find something festive to wear to my family's Christmas celebration. Since I'd been wearing black leggings and top plus mink and chinchilla all day, I didn't notice my tummy until I looked in the mirror.

This was a super fun moment for me! This isn't the "real" bump though, because it still comes and goes. Even during my 20th week my waist still goes down to around 27 inches. I can't wait for the bump to really pop!

Week 18

My sweet mother in law snapped this on Christmas Eve. She and I had just enjoyed a fantastic fondue dinner at The Melting Pot, so I'm not sure if the tummy is more baby or cheese!

This striped top (Forenza relaunch by Limited) and my jeggings have been my absolute favorite outfit so far for pregnancy. I wear this combo way too often! Here I've paired it with some riding boots, if it's not chilly out I wear my black Revas.

Week 19

I took this one before leaving for work. I ended up leaving work right when I arrived, only to be stuck in bed with some kind of 48 hour stomach bug. I've never had more flu or stomach viruses in my entire life as I have in the past few months. Does pregnancy make you more prone to illness like this? Previously, I rarely got vomiting type illnesses.

This photo looks like a grandma pooch! Is this why women resort to Mom Jeans?

(Zipper-sleeve dress is Forever 21, thick ribbed tights are J Crew)