The Bump, Week 21

My "weeks" of pregnancy start on Sunday, so with this post I am caught up. This is pretty much what I look like now, and it changed drastically this week when my I woke up with an official bump Wednesday morning. It didn't go away or get any smaller!

I had a late night at a Junior League meeting, but I woke David up to take a picture when I got home.

(Dress is BCBG non maternity)

Thursday morning I started to sit up very suddenly when I woke, and felt a really weird jab in my upper abdomen. I thought one of the puppies had stepped on me then I realized it must have been Baby Girl kicking me! It happened again Saturday morning when I tried to roll over and sit up at the same time. Something tells me she's going to take after her mommy and not be a morning person at all!

(Top is Forever 21 non-maternity. Jeans are Rock & Republic low-rise maternity.)