The Bump, Week 20

This was the first week I felt her move! I was online, updating our registry and I felt like my stomach had a little bug in it. I put my hand on my lower abdomen and felt a definite little "tap tap" from the inside. Then nothing else until the next day at work, when I got a flutter. Now I lie awake at night hoping to feel her again, but so far she's staying pretty still.

In desperate need of a haircut, which I got right after taking these photos! I can't tell if I look pregnant or muffin-topped.

This looked like a mug shot, so I decided to spare myself the embarrassment!

Sweater: GAP Maternity (in my regular size)
Leggings: Capezio dance leggings - super old but surprisingly non-faded. I had them before leggings were cool again. (non-maternity, I just hiked them up over my belly)
Boots: Stuart Weitzman

I also just got asked to do a runway show. When I'm exactly 36-and-a-half-weeks pregnant. So stay tuned for that. It should be a riot. I plan on having someone videoing it as I'm sure I'll be waddling at that point - I bet I can become a YouTube celeb in no time! I told them I was going to back out if I was embarrassingly bloated at that point, no sense in making an absolute fool of myself!