Bump Photos Round 1

I've taken photos most weeks of my pregnancy, fortunately only a couple of them show my stomach. I have absolutely no desire to see photos of my bare stomach when it's at its largest!

3 weeks and in obvious need of a visit to the salon! The ombre look has been out for awhile, now I'm really embarrassed to post this! This photo was taken a few hours after my positive pregnancy test. I thought I'd start putting on pounds right away. Little that I know that morning sickness would soon take over and I'd lose quite a bit (and have even better abs!) before I start to look pregnant.

4 weeks and still quite gross hair!

5 weeks, one of our last vacations as a couple - during this trip morning sickness kicked in full force, I got sick on the plane. I was also put on bedrest the morning after this was taken, thank goodness we had a nice hotel!