Bottles, Bathtubs & Binkys...Oh My!

I was insanely excited to start registering. It's like registering before your wedding virtually get to go shopping and decorate your house without spending a penny. Boy, oh, boy, I don't recall choosing my cookware, cutlery and towels being such a headache. The baby registry should be twice the fun - you're shopping for tiny little pastel things with ribbons and lace.

We headed off to one of the larger Babies R Us stores in Houston, armed with our copy of Baby Bargains (if you're pregnant and do not have this books you need to stop reading and order it right this second...I'll do a review of it later). I had a short list in my head of the things we have to register for, and the things we can add later if we'd like. Topping my list were a breast pump, car seat, stroller, bathtub and necessities like that.

We were both baby store virgins...I usually order shower gifts online or cross my fingers that the mom-to-be is registered at trusty old Target. We walked into a super sized baby supplies mecca. It took us 15 minutes just to get past the first aisle, which was the baby monitors. We're getting the Summer Infant Handheld Video Monitor, in case you are curious as to what fifteen minutes of poring over safety ratings leads to.

There are practically a hundred choices for every single item imaginable! On the smaller items like pacifiers and bibs, I just gave up and scanned a few, not really caring which ones. They're all pretty much the same anyway, right?

If you've spent any shopping time with me, you know that I do not do well in stores such as Wal-Mart, Ross, TJ Maxx, Super Target, Nordstrom or large grocery stores. I only go to certain parts of Costco. My brain is just not wired to handle so much shopping stimulation all at once! And I despise jam-packed aisles and tons of choices. I love smaller stores, and if I ever do visit a department store, I have the sales associates just bring me a few variations of what I'm looking for. I never do the "shopping" myself because I'll get frustrated and leave.

My mental breakdown came in the stroller section (there were six or seven aisles). I have had my heart set on a pram. (As an aside, I have a really long story about how I ended up ordering the pram of my dreams only to send it back and realizing it's not worth the $ since it takes up  half the nursery in our tiny house.) Since I'm not getting a pram, I wanted something pretty and dainty, like the strollers I used to push my dolls around in. No such luck, buster! All of the ones at BRU were big and bulky, as if you should be prepared for a crash test at any time when strolling through the mall. Add to this that one of David's coworkers has him convinced that we need one of those dumb-looking frames that you can snap the carseat onto because they are so practical (use the word practical as any descriptor and my engineer husband wants it)...ARGH...nervous breakdown on aisle nineteen! Bring snacks and a foot massage pronto!

Our fun little excursion turned into a weekend and evening of exhaustion and doubt. We were exhausted from trying to make the smartest, safest, choices for our little angel and second-guessing ourselves on every single item we chose. And will we really ever use a bottle warmer? What about a wipes warmer? Our moms used ice cold wipes on our little bums in the middle of the night, but could that be why we had those crazy years in college? Mentally draining. A Starbucks kiosk or two in the place wouldn't have hurt things either.

We finally just decided to look at the things we have to choose in person, like a carseat (I need to make sure I can lift it in and out of the base easily) and do the rest online at home. The best decision we've made yet as soon-to-be parents! We came home and finished the majority of our registry in no time.

I finally settled for a stupid snap and go frame + carseat with the promise that we can look for a prettier stroller in a couple of weeks. I'm holding him to it.

Just in case you like stalking other peoples' choices, like I do, we registered at Babies R Us, and have a semi-thing going on at Target because you get a $25 gift card for registering.