Baby's Layette

I started buying a few things for Baby Girl Munn. I am trying not to go overboard, since I have a huge family with a mom, sister, and aunts who love buying tiny little clothes. It is so hard not to buy every little sweet thing I see, though!

She's already gotten a few adorable gifts from my friends, and they are mostly dress-up outfits. Since everyone says she'll spend most of the time at home in sleepers and onesies, I decided to just focus on buying those for now. Later I can buy outfits for any occasions or outings that we have. Well, don't fret...I still have 39 weeks to go. And I already have some smocked Anavini bubbles on order. I doubt she's going to only be wearing onesies and sleepers around the house!

Excuse the sloppiness of my photography...these were all taken when we were painting the dining and living room. The furniture was covered in drop-cloths, so I just had to put the clothes on a towel and snap them in the space I had.

I got this onesie at Gymboree. Munn...monkey...get it? I'm keeping an eye out for some little brown leggings to go with it.

This onesie is from Janie & Jack. The back says "to fetch a pail of water" in very small print. It was on sale, so I'm probably just going to have her sleep in it rather than try to make it into an outfit. It's so soft and tiny and cute!

Precious footed sleeper by Kissy Kissy. My friend Marianne is ga-ga over Kissy Kissy, her little boy wore it all the time. Now I see why, it is amazingly soft and the embroidery is so intricate!

This footed sleeper is Baby Dior. It snaps up the back and is just really sweet. This can be her sleeping outfit when we have company!

The onesie and romper set below is from Janie & Jack. It was too precious to pass up...even though I know she will never wear it. It's definitely a winter outfit and it's a preemie size. But I have a few friends who are trying to get pregnant right now, so I'll save it to gift to their babies next winter. If all else fails, I'm sure I can sell it on ebay or via blog sale.