Quick Update

We're still alive and kicking, and I have so many updates to post! Since I last checked in, we took a trip to LA, attended Starlight Gala, went to a couple of weddings and took our trip to ITALY!! Needless to say, I have a ton of photos and fun stories that need to be posted. My sweet mom also gave us a video camera, so I may have some videos to post in the future, too.

We are relaxing and running errands around the house this week, after basically not being home for over six weeks - we worked so much leading up to our Italy trip and traveled on weekends that we have basically been out of the house for that long. I am seriously considering buying a netbook so that I can blog and keep up on the go. It just seems like such a chore to get on the "big computer" (our desktop) at the end of a long workday when there is so much else to do and get done. Does anyone have any netbook experience? I would love one with a keyboard (not a touch screen) that has capability to connect to the internet via the cell phone network.

Alternatively, does anyone know how to post photos if you upload to Blogger via an email post?