Making The Cut Diary

Day 15 (March 29): Ugh, I guess last Friday of eating whatever was in front of me and not working out caught up with me, even with running the half. Not happy with the scales today, but they could look worse!

Not suffering at all from the half marathon. I wore four inch heels to work today and took the stairs. My calves hurt when I walked down the stairs, but thankfully I haven’t been sore and have had no other problems.

Today is a new circuit and it has some pretty challenging exercises on it. I actually wasn’t sure if I’d be able to do the jumping lunge plyometrics or the sprints at an incline of 12 on the treadmill. I powered through my workout though! After running for over 2 ½ hours, an hour long weights workout is nothing! The inside of my right calf is sore in a weird way, which I only felt when doing the incline sprints. I had to hold the treadmill handle just because I was sort of afraid my leg would give out.

I didn’t do Terry Pulls on the cable machine; I just did the same movement with dumbbells. There were men using the cables and I am honestly not sure how to even use them. My variation using dumbbells worked fine, and I felt like I worked my muscles thoroughly. The good thing about MTC is that Jillian gives enough details on each exercise and tells you which muscles you are supposed to be working so that it’s easy if you need to substitute a different movement for any exercise.

I saw something really cool and funny at the gym today, too! I was doing some shoulder press variation outside the spin room. The walls are kind of mirrored and you can see one side of the whole gym working out. I was just staring kind of absentmindedly and noticed a girl with some great legs. “Wow, who is that girl with the muscled-up legs?” I thought to myself. It was…! Kind of embarrassing, but it also shows that my dedication to working out is paying off!

Oh yeah….nooooo candy today! So proud of myself! I did eat a ton of hummus and baby carrots, but those calories are healthier than candy and cokes. That makes it OK, right?