Harder Better Faster Stronger

The Daft Punk song “Harder Better Faster Stronger” is one of my favourite songs to listen to while working out, especially during cardio or races. So is the Christina Aguilera song “Fighter”. In addition to having a good running beat, both songs motivate me by making me think of role models who I look up to.

Not celebrity role models, either. There are a couple women I know in real life who are in great shape and motivate me much more than Heidi Klum ever could, because they are real people with real lives, without personal trainers and chefs at their beck and call. They reassure me that a flat stomach and slim legs are attainable if you just stay dedicated to your goal and don’t let work, kids or a vacation get you sidetracked.

Seriously, any time either of the songs above come on, one of these friends pops into my head (usually the image of one looking completely fabulous right after having a baby) and I pick up the pace and push myself a bit harder. So “thanks for making me a fighter”. (Gah, that was cheesy!)