Making The Cut Diary

Day 10 (March 24): I kind of made today a day off from the gym. After last night’s shin soreness I didn’t want to do anything to stress my legs before this Saturday’s race. They feel fine this morning, but I just took it easy at the gym. I rode the bike for 45 minutes (18 miles) while I caught up on blog and magazine reading. I also did a few minutes of planks, but nothing major.

I concocted a new breakfast protein shake that is awesome! ¾ cup skim milk (60 calories), ½ cup pumpkin (50 calories, no sugar added, buy the plain pumpkin, the cheap brand is fine), one serving vanilla protein powder (my BSN lean dessert is 120 calories), a sprinkle of cinnamon and 7-10 ice cubes. You could also throw in a few spoonfuls Greek yogurt for extra filler and protein. Blend on high for at least five minutes. It’s so creamy; it’s almost like a pudding! You could add some nutmeg or allspice during the fall, to give it a wintry taste. I can’t wait to try adding some coffee to it, a la Starbucks pumpkin latte/frappucino. I had my shake with a slice of raisin Ezekiel bread (80 calories, lots of fiber and protein) and two Morningstar veggie sausage links (60 calories).

Day 11 (March 25): First official day with absolutely no candy. I did make up for it by having a whole bunch of gluten free chips and half a can of Coke, though. Ah well. I shouldn’t have, but I took the day off from working out. I planned on doing the next Making the Cut circuit, but when I got home and read over it, I definitely needed to be at the gym for all of the weight lifting.

I’m definitely feeling a difference in my core. My abs and sides are much more muscular, which is surprising because MTC doesn’t focus so much on core work. There are a couple of planks every day, but nothing too major. My waist feels smaller, too, although I haven’t measured so I’m not sure if it’s official or just wishful thinking!