Making the Cut Diary

Day 3 (March 17): Today is an official day off from working out, per the book Making the Cut. I still hit the gym for some very light cardio on the recumbent bike while I read a few magazines (35 minutes) and did about 3 minutes of ab work with the Pilates and weight balls afterward. I’m not sore from yesterday’s workout, just a little of that sore when it feels good, but not unbearable, around my butt cheeks and back of my underarms. Good muscles to have worked!

Since there are absolutely no cookies or pizza in sight to tempt me, was mostly able to stay on track with eating today. Breakfast was another protein shake, but I had to make it with water because our milk smelled funny. To make up for the calories, I microwaved a couple slices of Jimmy Dean’s Turkey Sausage. Gross, gross, gross! Or maybe I just wasn’t hungry enough. They taste fatty and watery. Lunch was leftover California Chicken (chicken breast simmered in a broth/wine/mushroom/scallion sauce then a bit of sour cream toward the end) and avocado and tomatoes. Dinner was the last of the California Chicken, and I later had an unplanned snack of some cheese and a whole bunch of almonds.

Day 4 (March 18): Today was another official day off, and boy did I take the day off. I would have like to gone for a run, but my Junior League meeting ran later than expected so it was too late by the time I got home.

My day of eating was OK until about 3 pm when I decided that three mini Reese’s cups would be a good idea. I grabbed dinner at our meeting, which was held at Little Big’s. I had a chicken slider. And an order of greasy fries dipped in their special creamy sauce. And a lemonade. I really should have done without the fries. Oh well, tomorrow is another day!

Day 5 (March 19): Oh sweet Friday! How you usually start the downfall of my healthy habits and the upward swing of the scale! Miraculously (or not) I was not hungry for breakfast at all. I guess my body is still living of the 20,000 calories worth of fries and sauce from last night. I weigh more this morning than I did at the beginning of the week. Yikes!

I ate pretty healthfully all day, and actually managed to not have a drink when I met some friends out for drinks. I just drank my Crystal Light. Speaking of Crystal Light…a couple of months ago when I decided to give up cokes (for the most part – I still have one on weekends or when we go out to eat, I just try not to drink them at home) I traded one addiction for another. Cokes for Crystal Light! I love the pomegranate cherry and raspberry lemonade. I even tried the strawberry energy version (tastes blah, never got a burst of energy). CL is so versatile. You can mix it with water or with club soda. On weekends before we go out, I mix one third vodka, one third Crystal Light and one third diet Sprite for a fizzy, sweet drink. The only calories involved are the vodka.

I did a Making the Cut circuit at like 9 p.m. It felt much easier than the same circuit completed earlier in the week. The sprints are killing me, though! I did slow down a bit on the mountain climbers and was able to complete a minute of them going more slowly.

Day 6 (March 20): I didn’t work out today. I was planning on doing a long run or some kind of cardio video. I ran errands all day, a lot of them in the suburbs, and by the time I got home and took a quick nap, it was time for my date with David.

I ate at Sweet Tomatoes for lunch (probably overate) and Tacos-A-Go-Go for dinner (definitely overate, but not as much as I really wanted to). I also had a mimosa and three vodka tonics. Definitely not planning on hopping onto the scale until Monday morning!

Day 7 (March 21): We had a big brunch at Backstreet with our friends Ashley and Mike, where Ashley and I shared a pitcher of fresh berry mimosas. I didn’t go all out 100% at lunch, and I kept the rest of my eating light for the day (baked chicken and green beans for dinner, a handful of pecans for snack).

I didn’t do a Making the Cut workout today. Instead, I ran 9 miles to prepare for the half marathon I am running next Friday. It was so windy and at about mile 7.5, I didn’t think I could run any more. I didn’t really track my time, but I am pretty sure it took me over 2 hours to run 9 miles. I managed to finish, but really, that serves me right for not running in over a month. The race should be pretty interesting…