Making The Cut Diary

I have been in such a rut lately with my workouts and eating. I was on a great healthy kick from January through the end of April, and then a bout of strep throat and the flu got me off track. I have lots of workout DVDs that I could do, and I’m running a half marathon in two weeks, but honestly I am bored to tears with running. I bought “Making the Cut” by Jillian Michaels and read it all on the first day. Although I won’t be following her diet plan, I am going to attempt to balance my carbs, protein and fat as she suggests for “balanced oxidizers” in the book (I took the quiz). I am also going to keep my calories at the level she suggests, which for my height/weight/age/etc. is 1200-1300. Obviously, I will up those calories if I’m unable to make it through workouts.

I want to get in really great shape for our trip to Italy and keep track of my thoughts and progress along the way. I’ve found going back and reading through everything is great motivation when I’m in a rut in the future. Today starts my diary for the next two months. We are taking a trip to L.A. & Palm Springs in April, so I will not workout, diet or journal during those four days.

I don’t mean to turn this blog into a fitness or diet blog, but since it is my personal blog and I enjoy going back and reading my progress or failure, I’ll be keeping a journal daily an d posting it every week or so, depending on the length of the entries.

Day 1 (March 15): First off…the eating. Where most of my trouble has been lately. I find it difficult to take my workouts seriously if my diet is off. And even though I’ve been working out consistently the past couple of weeks, my eating is what’s holding me back. Anyway, I pretty much stayed on track today. And by pretty much I mean that I followed my planned eating with the addition of six Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies. Considering that we have free cokes and candy at work, this is a pretty good feat for me. I also drank five bottles of water and had no caffeine. The no caffeine thing isn’t part of this new plan….just by the time I decided I needed some it was too late in the day to have it.

I had read through Day 1 of the workout and it didn’t look like it would be all that difficult. It’s five circuits of weights (mostly using your own body weight, a few were on a ball with hand weights) and each circuit has one minute of cardio added on the end. You don’t rest at all during the circuits, but you get 30 or 45 seconds of rest after each bout of cardio.

I sweated like I haven’t sweated in months! The circuits were so hard to get through, but I felt SO good (in a kind of bad way) when I was finished. I really liked the “dive press” on ball but I think my form was pretty bad since my ball wasn’t aired up enough. Fifty fast squats were hard, and I had to do girl-style pushups for most of the pushups. Hopefully that will improve over time! My workout took around 45minutes. Jillian says you can do it twice through, but that won’t happen on a weekday for me.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s workout. I have to do it at the gym since it requires a treadmill and a couple of weight machines. I’m just going to write down my exercises on an index card and carry it around.

Day 2 (March 16): I got up early this morning so I could get to the office early and head to the gym by 5:30. I lost almost one pound since yesterday morning’s weigh in. I’m sure that is a detox from all the nasty stuff I’ve been eating lately, as well as some water weight from all the sweating during my workout! My body fat percentage is still the same. Even when I’m not working out, I typically weigh every day. I rarely use the body fat function on my scales, but I’m thinking now I may check it once every week. I took my measurements before starting, and I’ll wait 30 days to take them again. I’m not sore from yesterday’s workout.

Today’s breakfast was typical of what I have pretty much every day: BSN Lean Dessert Protein Powder with tons of ice and ½ cup milk, plus two strips of Morningstar bacon. It keeps me full until lunch. This was my first time to have the fake bacon. I love Morningstar’s sausage links. The bacon, not so much. I even managed to burn it in the microwave, so it had that authentic “crispy” taste!

Lunch was an Amy’s organic bean burrito, while snacks consisted of organic muesli mixed with yogurt (mix it in the morning so it’s soggy by the time you snack in the afternoon) and tangerines. Oh yeah. And a lot of Girl Scout cookies. Like 10. At least they are the Thin Mints. Regardless, I threw the rest of the box away so I wouldn’t be tempted tomorrow. And I couldn’t resist a slice of pizza that was in our kitchenette at work. Ugh!

Dinner was a Dream Dinners meal, California Chicken, which consisted of sautéed chicken breasts in a low fat walnut cream sauce. I had half an avocado and a tomato with lime juice for a side. It was tasty and I didn’t get hungry later on in the evening. Probably due to the pizza and cookies, though

I hit the gym for Day 2 Circuit right after work. I wish I could remember to bring my heart rate monitor so I could track how many calories I burned, maybe that would make up for the stupid cookies and pizza. Anyway, today’s circuit looked a lot more difficult than yesterday’s since it used more weights, but I ended up thinking it was easier and it went by more quickly. I really do have a problem with finishing one full minute of mountain climbers, though! I guess I am so used to doing really long runs that I can’t really do sprint type cardio anymore. Again, today’s circuit took almost exactly 45 minutes.