Making the Cut Days 8 & 9

Day 8 (March 22): Eating was kind of on point today. Protein shake, Morningstar sausage link and raisin cinnamon Ezekiel bread for breakfast. Sesame seed crusted baked chicken, green beans and a few swigs of Mountain Dew for lunch. Hummus and carrots and more Ezekiel bread (I’m officially addicted) for a snack, baked fish and chips for dinner. And quite a few mini Reese’s for another snack. They are doing away with the free candy at work, I couldn’t be happier.

Today’s circuit is exactly the same as the one I completed last week in the gym. It went well, but I am not able to push myself as much as I should because I am “in between” weights. The weight I use is a little too light, but I’m not really able to lift at the next level of pounds. Maybe I should start doing a few more reps with the lighter weight until I work up to lifting heavier.

I also figured out how to make mountain climbers easy. Do them in the ab room, which is always full of people. You can’t stop before one minute is up if everyone is watching you.

I wore shorter shorts than usual and I did notice my legs in the locker room mirror. They look pretty darn good! I’m so glad I did the full 9 miles yesterday and now I’m really looking forward to my race!

Day 9 (March 23): Although the scale isn’t really moving, I am starting to see definition in my upper arms. I’ll never have guns or anything, but at least now my arms aren’t the same circumference from shoulder to elbow! Exciting!

Tonight was a new circuit that worked the shoulders quite a bit. I still can’t do a full set of real pushups, but now I can do more and even my girly pushups are stronger. Jillian has several variations, and pretty much each circuit calls for pushups. I had to do today’s scorpion pushups girlstyle and I don’t think I got much out of them. I did like the varied cardio, just one minute of jumping jacks or squat thrusts here and there. I didn’t have to go sprint around the block five times. I did do five minutes of sprints and I’m not sure that I should have. My shins were really hurting afterwards, probably not good for the race coming up this weekend.

In better notes, I have lost one inch from my waist and I can really tell a difference in the mirror when I look at my abs and legs. I just keep thinking how great my abs would be if I hadn’t been sneaking mini Reese’s every day! My thighs are slimmer and much more defined, but I’m not sure if that’s due to Making the Cut or the fact that I started running again.