Wedding Season Has Begun

We went to the first wedding of this season. I think after this year most of our close friends will be married, so this will be my last year of buying a ton of dresses and wedding gifts. We flew to Birmingham for Casey and Jennifer's wedding. We got to stay with the Luker family and finally got to meet baby Jude. Jeremy is one of David's best friends from college and we've felt so bad that it's taken us three months to fly down and meet his baby. He's adorable and such a sweet baby, but the 6:30 a.m. wakeup calls and Julie's talk of how exhausting the first six weeks are did cure me of my baby fever!

I really wish we lived closer to the Lukers. David and Jeremy are so close, and Julie is just one of those all-around great girls. She always has a fabulous (healthy) recipe to share, she has a cute sense of style and we are the same size (so shopping was extra fun this weekend). She's also a madwoman in the gym! She works out for an hour a day 4-5 days a week, I really wish I had that much discipline! She basically did a personal training session with me and kicked my rear. Her dedication to the gym does really pay off...she looks fantastic and you'd never know she has a newborn.

David and I at the rehearsal dinner.

Kari Ann, Molly, Julie, me

Me with a few friends at The Junior League Charity Ball Preview Party (Kristyn, Rhonda, me, Melissa M and Sara)