Zooma Run

My plans for making 2010 a year for health and fitness are in place. I just signed up to run the Austin Zooma Half Marathon in March and a local 5k in February. I couldn't find any local 10ks, but I'd really like to do one before the Half.

I'm going to follow Hal Higdon's half marathon prep plan again, although I'm definitely a bit peeved that I will not be able to beat last year's half marathon time. Houston has relatively NO hills for me to train on, and no distance running with hills and the half marathon course is very hilly. My goals for the race are to finish without walking any of it and finish strong, no freaking out when I have 5k left to go, and no chugging a beer given to me by an onlooker!

Most of the blogs I read have running or exercise goals. If I'm not a follower of yours but you read mine, please leave me a note so that I can keep up with your progress!

Image from here.