Giveaway Winner!

You guys are totally NOT going to believe this, but the winner of my giveaway is entry #3 (generated via although it has always been my favorite number)...Audrey - my REAL LIFE SISTER! I would have just given her the Lash Booster if I knew she wanted it...but now I know that I really will make her email me photos to let me know if it works or not.

I feel kind of bad, but she was my first blog reader (she actually had a blog before me) and she's been listening to my chatter for 26 years, so she really does deserve a prize. I wondered how I would feel if my [real life] girlfriends or my sister won my giveaway. But I'm glad she won. She has a three year old and a tiny little baby boy. She needs a treat!

By the way, Audrey does not NEED anything for her lashes. Ever since I can remember, people have always talked about her lashes. I got Latisse so I could have lashes like hers.

Here David and I are with her baby boy. Sadly, I don't have any photos of Audrey and myself...she's usually the one taking pictures so she is hardly ever in any of them.