Book Review: We Need to Talk About Kevin

I picked up this book by Lionel Shriver (a woman) on our Texas Road Trip. It took a bit of reading for me to really get into it, but once the story got going, I was intrigued and read it pretty quickly.

It's a novel written in the form of letters from the narrator to her husband about their son Kevin. Kevin was responsible for a school shooting that killed eleven people, and the letters are written after the fact. The writer starts by describing life before Kevin, the decision to have a child, and Kevin's childhood. It also mixes in a bit about the mother's visits with Kevin in prison.

It's not a lighthearted read at all, but it turned out to be very interesting. I'd definitely suggest this book for anyone who is just tired of run of the mill bestsellers that don't get too deep, like I was. It has very strong feminist undertones, and just gave a lot of insight on parenting that I rarely see in books. It also really got me thinking about what I would do if I didn't bond with my child as a mother and how much you really have to work to keep your spouse as number one in your life & not allow your children to become more important than your marriage.

If anyone has read it (or reads it after this), please email me. I'd like to chat about the story and what you thought without giving too much away here!