Workout Wednesday: Shred!

I know I've posted about my previous bout with Jillian Michaels' Thirty Day Shred workout video before. Or maybe I haven't, but I've sure talked about it alot offline. I used it last year to firm up before our beach trip and had great results. Given my current extremely hectic schedule and the fact that I've lost all desire to run or hit the gym, I'm going to try the shred again. It's only 20 minutes and I'm going to strive for five days a week. The last time I did 7 days a week and burned out after a month. The last time I also kept a quick journal (a few sentences a day) about the changes I was seeing, but last time I did not change my eating habits at all. This time I'll probably just keep track of my measurements, but I am happy to post inches/pounds lost here, or even keep a short journal again, if anyone is interested in seeing if I have any success. Just give me a quick email to let me know!

I'm also just about 30 days away from The Big Event gala we are attending next month, and I'd like to look great in a sweet little dress. I'm hoping this will keep me motivated! Also email any cute gala dresses! It's a bit more casual, no fully sequined getups, and I'm thinking of buying something fancy but knee-length. What do you think?