Wife Tested, Husband Approved

We have a really hard time finding candles. Not so much finding candles, but agreeing on a scent and finding one that we both like. I think we've gone through every Yankee scent as well as quite a few Slatkins. I love Voluspa, but they tend to only scent the area around the coffee table.

I stick to lemon or lime in the kitchen, but those are the only foodie scents allowed in the house. I just don't like the whole house to smell like cookies, strawberries or vanilla...maybe it makes me hungry. I do use a cinnamon around Christmas, but that's about it.

Last weekend while browsing around Neiman's, I came across Archipelago - WOW! I had heard of them, but really didn't see why a candle would be worth the price. I'm a believer now. Even better, David absolutely loved it. Usually I feel that he may not like the candles I buy...

The smallish size burns 90 hours. They are more expensive than the larger Yankee candles, but have the same burn time & the scents are just delicious. I finally bought Plantain, which is sweet and kind of floral, but smells nothing like a plantain or banana. I'm already dreading the day when I put in away in favor of Thanksgiving and Christmas themed candles.

What's your favorite candle and scent?