Fit Foods

I have to admit something that I've been trying to avoid. I have not been eating healthy (unless by sheer accident) for at least a couple of months. I also haven't been working out, but I've stayed busy enough that I didn't gain any weight. Until a couple of weeks ago. We took a roadtrip through parts of Texas and of course had to stop in at great restaurants and wineries (photo posts to come) and when we got back, I hopped onto the scale, knowing it would not be good news. It wasn't. So now I'm back on the healthy train.

The first thing I need to address is how my eating habits have just gotten out of control. I honestly had tortilla chips and queso from the jar for dinner last night, as my last hurrah before the "diet" starts. The sad thing is, that's not extremely out of the ordinary from what I've been having lately!

I discovered My Fit Foods a month or so ago. It's this awesome little place (actually, they are all over town) that sells pre-made, portion-controlled, very healthy, very tasty foods. I love it! Last week when I was planning on getting back into my healthy eating habits, I just figured I would stop by My Fit Foods closest to my office and pick up a week's worth of food every Monday. Then I started calculating. The average meal is around $7.50. For three meals, that's over $22 per day, around $160 per week! It just feels like a big waste of money when I can make healthy stuff at home.

So I went to their website and looked at the labels of a couple of meals I had in my fridge. I figured out how many calories I need to eat per day and at each meal/snack. Then I went to work figuring out My Fit Foods' recipes using my calorie calculator. I have it pretty right, although my seasonings are off, because my food isn't actually tasting as good as theirs! I'm going to have to work on the seasoning factor, but for now I can live with it just knowing that I am at least eating healthy.

Here's what I had for breakfast: 1 egg + 4 egg whites + 2 slices turkey bacon + 1 cup boiled potatoes. It is a ton more than I usually have for breakfast, but very filling. (The past two weeks I've been having a Starbucks or a Coke for breakfast, so this is a nice change). I poured some taco sauce on it, that's probably allowed, but since I didn't put any garlic or onions in my eggs, they were pretty bland.

For lunch today I'll have my version of MFF's Lemon Pepper Turkey over rice. Dinner will be either turkey chili or grilled chicken with rice & veggies. My snacks are yogurt with fruit, and more fruit. The food is all just very "clean" and coming off my binge of chips and fat will be hard, no doubt.

Any ideas on how to season up my eggs & potatoes while not adding extra fat or too many calories?


  1. It's always a challenge to hop back on the eating healthy train! The Preppy Boyfriend is a professionally trained chef, and I still have a struggle, because he does all the cooking, and although we eat fresh foods and it is healthier than eating out we still have to have discussions about not using whole cream and what not... With the easy access of crappy foods I completely understand how hard it is to eat healthy... When the PBF is traveling for work it's not uncommon for me to have popcorn and champagne for dinner... Awful! Do share some recipes you love as you find them!

  2. I just discovered your is great! I noticed your post on another blog and the WESTIE picture! I have one too! BTW, I like to put a little hot sauce on my eggs and potatoes...I don't think it is too bad for you!

  3. Oh and I forgot to tell you, we use garlic, onions, shaved ginger and jalapenos in our eggs... thinly slice or shave the ginger like you do the garlic. It adds a fresh clean flavor that is really good for you too... and then I always use sambal (it's a pepper sauce) instead of ketchup on the side.

  4. I try to avoid salt so I use pepper, crushed red pepper, chili etc. Good luck with your new diet! I need to go on one too. xoxo


  5. Thank you for your comment! And believe me, I know EXACTLY what you mean=)