Week Three of Total Destruction

I had hoped that by now I would be posting photos of our updated kitchen. However, the construction guys are starting on the THIRD week of work on our tiny kitchen! They have removed all flooring and built a sub-floor, since we didn't have one before. Yep, when they took up the 100 year old wooden floor, there was absolutely nothing between our house and the great outdoors!

They did remove the fabulously tacky wallpaper and paint the walls yellow...of course once I saw the color, I wanted to cry. It was way more "Crayola" (wait, make that fire-zone-parking-curb-yellow) than the creamy, buttery yellow I had envisioned. So they re-sanded the walls and will paint the paler shade today. After I'm satisfied with the color - and this had better be it, Sherwin-Williams is probably sick of me- they will lay the tile. We chose the smallest tile available, so I'm pretty sure the project will take another week.

Here is the before (previous owner's photo):

I don't mind not having a kitchen, per se, but this also means that we've been dining out or buying rotisserie chicken and eating from paper plates. Fortunately, they moved our refrigerator to the dining room, so we do have access to ice and cold beverages. But we don't have use of the microwave or stove, which means we can't cook or warm up leftovers. I did sneak into the construction area today and used the microwave for 45 seconds.

We also don't have our washer and dryer while the work is being done...we had to take a trip to Target to buy some cheap undies to get us through another week of this! I may have to visit a laundromat this week. The clothes are overflowing from the hamper and it is driving me nuts!