Fall Shopping

I spent quite a bit of time last week saving photos of my fall must-haves so that I could make a post. But what fun is that? I had the day off yesterday, so after an appointment with my fantastic stylist (seriously, if you're in Houston go see her!) I did a little shopping and bought pretty much everything I needed to round out my fall wardrobe. The really excellent thing about living in Houston is that our winter weather is really mild, so I really am able to buy a few updates each season and just replace my classic all-season stuff after I've worn it into the ground.

Without further ado...

I stopped in Neiman Marcus for some new jeans, I usually buy one or two each fall/winter for occasions when dressy jeans are needed. By the time next year rolls around these will be faded & comfy and I will move them to my pile of casual jeans. These are Joe's Jeans "The Honey". I really loved them last year but I bought Paige Premiums instead.

Next stop was Banana Republic, where I bought a dress in the same style as the one below. The color of mine, however, is navy blue and purple, in a very Tory Burch-like silk print. I think it will be perfect for upcoming wedding showers I'll be attending and lunch with my mom when she comes into town next month. I could also dress it up for a night on the town with some over-the-knee boots, should I find some I like that won't cost my retirement account.

Last on my list was J Crew, where I made a haul. The past few seasons the Crew just hasn't had much for me. But since I love cozy fall sweaters, I was happy to oblige in a little retail therapy with them this week. I tend to just buy fall/winter stuff here anyway.

I couldn't find a photo of the exact sweater dress I bought. It's like this one (same color and all) except short sleeved. I'm not sure that I'm going to keep it. I need to try it on with a few different shoes, jackets and cardigans (and some Spanx, for smoothing) to make sure I really love it. It was a little more than I like to pay for dresses that I don't anticipate wearing all the time. And I'm just not sure how to winterize the short sleeves when wearing it with boots. I don't care for the look of the ankle strap shoes with tights like the model is wearing, or ankle strap shoes at all for that matter (they make my legs look short) so that won't happen here.

Of course I got two new perfect fit long sleeve tees, they are the absolute best for lounging around or running errands on dreary days. And of course they are in my typical signature plain, neutral colors. I have two other dark heather grey ones. I really think I should return one of these or at least trade it in for another color.


I just couldn't pass up this cute Ruffle Cardigan. Besides, my black J Crew Jackie gets worn at least twice a week and it's going to have to go where all good clothes go to die (ebay or Goodwill) soon, I am sure.

While this Shawl Popover doesn't look so hot on the table in the store, I saw it on a mannequin with one of the ruffle front button-downs and had to have it. It looks pretty casual here by itself, but I plan on wearing it with a deep purple ruffle-front shirt (I think it may be the Victoria from J Crew) and a black pencil skirt for work. On weekends I can just throw one of the perfect tees or a cute cami underneath. I think it will be cozy for a movie date since the theatres are always freezing! September Issue, anyone?

I got these Vintage Matchstick Cords. Again, a fall must-have. I'm pretty sure I buy a new pair of cords every year. Right now in my closet I have a winter white skinny-fit, a brown boot-cut, and these new cuties. They look pretty cute on the model with those peep toes. I hadn't really thought of dressing them up that much, but I may actually wear them out, minus the flower belt shown on the model. A very skinny metallic belt would look cute though, wouldn't it?

After this, I just stopped in various stores and picked up little accessories. I got a cheap(er) version of J Crew's Shimmering Fireball necklace, a vintagey-looking cocktail ring with a big pearl on it, and some hair pins with diamond roses.

I did order these booties in black suede. They are going to look great with short skirts and dresses! I think I may wear them out tonight. They are by Jessica Simpson and surprisingly pretty comfy for a fairly inexpensive pair of shoes. They're the first pair by her that I've bought.

And this is just too darn cute not to post. I bought it in Tiffany blue silk with very light rose pink lace trim. It is for sleeping and lounging around the house, obviously!

And now a few questions for you, my friends, family and fellow bloggers:

  1. What do you think of the over-the-knee boot trend? I really want some, but I'm unsure of how to get away with them without looking too Pretty Woman. If you see some with a slight heel (not wedge, please) that are slouchy black suede for a reasonable price, please email me! If you are jumping on this trend, how will you wear it?
  2. What are your fall must-haves and is there anything else I should add to my closet?
  3. Why are all of my photos so blurry? I first uploaded them to Shutterfly then linked here. They are super blurry no matter what size I make them!

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