The Veritable Yard Sale

I previously posted about how I was planning on selling a few things on ebay. I have been randomly listing a few things a month, and I have found that you can sell pretty much anything. It's just like a yard sale - you can make a few bucks (or pennies) selling things you'd otherwise toss in the trash. Case in point: half-used bottles of perfume, used doggie tshirts, old clothes in ok condition, books that aren't worth reading...these have all been sold on ebay lately.

I originally just started selling stuff to get rid of it because I felt bad about throwing it away. I don't sell any high dollar items, and any purses or clothes I have go to Buffalo Exchange first. I start pretty much everything at 99 cents, since it costs me less to list. But I've built up my feedback stars, so now I've found my junk is getting higher bids overall.

I started joking that my "ebay change" was going directly to my ING account for my shoe fund. While David was cleaning out the closet and garage this weekend he found a couple boxes of stuff that we'd ordinarily throw away. But did he? Nope! He came running in excitedly, saying, "Look! I found some stuff for you to sell for shoes!"

With everything I've been selling, I've found that ebay is also the most convenient place to buy pretty much anything. I bought a set of four hair Bumpits for $7.50 (and sold the two I didn't use for $6!), three touch screen covers for my iPhone ($1.25 including shipping, I guess I will sell the two I'm not using), two iPhone chargers ($4.50 including shipping, after Idgie chewed mine...I bought an extra just to be safe). It's actually pretty nice since each purchase saves me a trip to the store. I only buy NIB (new in box) or NWT (new with tags), but for the type of items I'm buying, it's always cheaper than a brick and mortar store.

We're thinking of throwing an Ebay Party where everyone has to do one random search for something on ebay then wear it. I'm buying "Indie Festival Sunglasses" since I saw them as a featured search of the day. David thinks he'll go with "Rainbow Wig." Not sure what we'll serve our guests. I wonder if ebay has gourmet cheeses?