Book Suggestions Needed!

My book club offers a choice in which book to read for a meeting later this summer. I can choose to read and discuss either Wuthering Heights or The Story of Edgar Sawtelle.

How I have manged to get this far in life without ever reading Wuthering Heights is a mystery to me. I've also never read the Edgar Sawtelle book, but I just read a bunch of mixed reviews of it on Amazon.

Has anyone read either of them? Which do you suggest I take on for my beach reading? Email me or leave a comment!

On another really fantastic note - we paid off David's car this weekend! We've only had it a little over a year, so this was a pretty early payoff. I'm so proud of us! Now we have no consumer debt like credit cards or loans on "things" like cars or furniture. We do still have our mortgage, of course.

The loan payoff, mixed with getting up at 5:30 to go to the gym today really makes me feel like a grown-up!