Really Great News & Really Bad News

Do you want the good or the bad first? I'll give you the good news first...

I passed the Regulation part of my CPA exam!!! I got a much higher score than I thought I would! I've hesitated to blog about it, because it was as horrible as I had imagined (and heard from CPA friends). It was 3.5 hours of pure torture. The 28 day wait to hear my score has been horrible. When I saw the email from the board this morning, I waited to open it because I did not want to ruin my day. Little did I know! Knowing that I did so well on a really difficult section will make me much more confident in studying for the remaining three parts. If all goes well and work does not pile on too much, I hope to have it all done by the end of this year.

Now the bad news...all of the stress I've been under with the exam and work caused me to get shingles. I thought that was an old-person disease and I can't believe I have it. Anyway, it's literally been a real pain in my butt (or at least my lower back) for the last week. I went to see the doctor today and he confirmed what my office nurse suspected.

I'm taking a sick day tomorrow to alternately wallow in happiness and sulk about my shingles.

Another horrible thing about the shingles: the doctor prescribed Valtrex for me. Ugh. So I had to drop off my prescription and try to smile like I don't have herpes. I will never make fun of another Valtrex commercial again. I have no doubt this is my karma for laughing at one this weekend.

Oh, another bad-good news. After the doctor appointment, I had dinner with a few friends, ran some errands and walk the dogs. They always misbehave a lot when David is out of town, and tonight was no exception. They started running around the Roller Derby girls who practice at our park. Oliver peed on their workout sheets. Such a bad dog. Anyway, as I was leashing the dogs to head back home, I discovered that my keychain had fallen out of my pocket. I was really upset since I we don't have a spare key outside, and my car alarm and house alarm controller things are on my keychain. And my purse and cell phone were locked inside.

The good news is that everyone in our neighborhood is so great, that about 8 people just let their dogs run around while they helped me look for my keys. After about 30 minutes one of the women went home to find a locksmith number. Fifteen minutes after that, we all just gave up. I walked to the woman's house to call the locksmith...lo and behold, my keys were right on the street caddy-corner from her house. Thank the Lord for that! I was about to cry.

Cheers to a better tomorrow!