Most Useless Purchase Ever

I recently bought a headband similar to the one above from J Crew. It is absolutely useless. It's so thin that I did not expect it to hold my hair back, but I did expect it to at least stay on my head for more than five minutes. Five minutes is the max that I've ever worn it. I put it on all the time before leaving the house, but before I even have my lipstick on and purse in my hand, it slides off. I once took it to work and kept re-putting it on my head all day long. Every five minutes... It's not that comfortable either.

Since my $16.50 has already been spent, does anyone have any tips for getting this darn thing to stay on? I really wanted to wear it out for afternoon drinks today, alas, my hair will be flat and totally un-accessorized. Maybe I need to try some Bumpits.