Little Big Day

We had a fun but busy day today. When we woke up, David took the dogs to the big park. Since I was still groggy from my shingle medicine, I stayed home to do a little housework. Then we decided to have a lunch at Little Bigs. We've been wanting to try it for awhile, but we wanted to wait until the weather was right. It was finally hot enough to sit on a patio and drink frozen sangria and milkshakes today.

Little Bigs specializes in sliders, which are tiny burgers. It's located just outside of our neighborhood, and it's locally owned which we always try to support in Houston restaurants. It was fun, and just what we needed to start the weekend! You can read my food review here, on Yelp, in case you are interested.

Then we were off to the Museum of Fine Arts Houston for pick-your-price membership day. We waited in line for a little over an hour, but it was well worth it to get our family membership for only $10! We're really looking forward to seeing new exhibits this winter, when there's not much to do outside. I also cannot wait for the spring garden tours that are associated with the Museum. I've also heard that there's a holiday tour of a home that is decorated in traditional
American antique items. I need to look into that, because I'm sure it's something I will love.

In other news, our next door neighbors, the Sheehans, have put their house up for sale. We're really sad that they will be moving, but they put it on the market for a fantastic price and already have two offers. It's only been on the market for a week! That is good to hear in today's economy, and gives me comfort that we will be able to sell our house for a profit when we decide to move. They are still having an open house tomorrow, and I'm quite excited since I absolutely love seeing interiors homes in our neighborhood. I've seen their main rooms, but not the entire house.

We're planning on hosting a few friends for afternoon snacks and drinks tomorrow, and I have some fabulous recipes to share later this week!