Introducing Idgie!

I feel like the worst "Mommie" ever! We've had this sweet little girl for eight weeks and I have not yet even posted one thing about her!

I would like to introduce Idgie Threadgood Munn to all of our friends and family who read this blog. Idgie was kind of a surprise to Oliver and me, from David. David thought I needed a sweet little lap dog (Oliver is not!) and that Oliver needed a playmate to keep him company during the days while we were at work.

I hesitated to introduce Idigie in the beginning, because she and big brother were not getting along. It wasn't that they were not getting along, but that Oliver just ignored her...which really made me upset. He is usually such a fun loving puppy and this just surprised me. After a few weeks, though, they are getting along wonderfully and playing all the time.

Idgie is a little lover, though. She just likes to cuddle and lick. When she was a couple pounds smaller, she sat in the bathroom sink while I put my makeup on. Now she goes out into the yard with Oliver every morning and chases birds while he barks at squirrels.

I'm so glad we decided to add to our little family. Idgie is a delight to have around, even when she makes messes. She keeps Oliver company so we can have a life on weeknights without feeling guilty.

I am sure there will be many more stories and photos to come!