Getting Lucky for Half Price

David and I love Half Price Books. For those of you not in Texas, it is a used bookstore chain where you can sell your used books and find great deals on all sorts of books. We stop by on a Sunday afternoon and stock up about once a month. I usually find hardcovers for $7.95 and lower, and David buys paperbacks for less than a dollar.

I love buying used books because sometimes there is a little history inside the cover. Once I bought a book that had "Happy 5th Anniversary, Honey" written inside the front cover. I always wondered why the owner gave it to Half Price...maybe they needed the $2 more than they wanted the memoir?

There was a certain book I'd had on my list for quite some time, and Half Price happened to have it today. It took me and the clerk awhile to find it, but once we did I bought it without looking at it since I'd read reviews on Amazon and knew that I'd like it. Imagine my surprise when I got to the car and looked was signed and dated, with a note to a friend from the author!!! While David saves every book he reads, I usually list my books on Paperback Swap as soon as I read them. However, this fun find is going to be a keepsake on our bookshelf.

Do you keep special books or resell/swap them? Any books that I should add to my shopping list for my next Half Price trip?